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Terminator Salvation Arcade-

Play Mechanix devastates the video arcade gaming world with the release of its latest arcade shooter, Terminator Salvation Arcade, the latest thrill ride in the legendary Terminator Sci-Fi Franchise ! Inspired by the movie of the same name, Terminator Salvation Arcade captures all of the thrills and excitement of the 2009 movie - And no expense was spared to design the awesome cabinet that captures the essence that is Terminator Salvation Arcade. Adorned with glowing neon rifle holders and a life-sized replica T-600 model Terminator marquee topper with glowing red eyes, Play Mechanix has created the ultimate showcase piece !

Equipped with a impressive 42" LCD HD Widescreen Monitor which displays all the in-game shooting action and high quality cinematics of unprecedented realism, players are thrust directly into the future and right on the firing line as Terminator models of all kinds attempt to squash their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, featuring a NEW "Clip" action reload feature, adds a depth of realism unparalleled in any current shooter !

Players add to their arsenal of weapons by securing numerous powerups including grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers and devastating mini guns. Full time 2-player play coupled with over 1 hour of cinematic gameplay spectacle maximizes high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings. This game will surely delight arcade players and fans of all ages from young to old !

Terminator Salvation Arcade is also the high traffic new arcade game of the decade, and will promote increased earnings and extend players’ stay at the game through compelling and addictive game play. With the continued support of the Terminator Movie franchise, it is the perfect addition to any arcade with high revenues guaranteed !
Power Requirements 120 Volts
Monitor 42" LCD HD Widescreen Monitor
Players 1 to 2 Player Video Arcade Shooting Game
Terminator Salvation Arcade Deluxe Game Dimensions :
Height: 105", Width: 43", Depth: 62", Weight: 630 Lbs
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in