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Aliens Extermination -

Aliens Extermination Deluxe Video Game |Global VR has released this new and very innovative video game based upon the famous movie series "Aliens"! In this newest incarnation of Aliens takes place after Ripley and the surviving Colonial Marines leave planet LV-426. A mop-up operation headed by the Colonial Marines returns to the planet to finish off the Alien population that ravaged their troops years before - In the game the players control of one of the best weapons in the Colonial Marine arsenal - the M41A 10mm Pulse Rifle - A Missile Launcher, Flame Thrower & 30mm Grenade Launcher !

Aliens Extermination Deluxe Video Game Features :
  • 4 Levels of Nail Biting Action.
  • Latest Force Feedback Gun Action Technology.
  • Edge-Lit Control Panel & Unique 3D Edge-Lit Marquee.
  • Back-Lit Speakers enhance the game play experience.
  • USB Guns with Patent Pending Shooting Technology.
  • 2 Player Simultaneous Cooperative Fighting Action.
  • Original Licensed Characters.
  • Proven Earnings On Location.
Power Requirements Standard 120 Volts
Monitor 42" High Resolution LCD Widescreen
Players 1 - 2 Player Gun Video Arcade Game
Aliens Extermination Deluxe Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 82", Width: 40", Depth: 58", Weight: 525 Lbs
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in