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Nitro Racing -

Headlined by none other than Mr. SpongeBob SquarePants, the leading cartoon character of the Nickelodeon Network, this hot new arcade driving game is a totally unique and exciting gaming experience for kids and players of all ages, and captures all the excitement and fun of the Nicktoons characters it was created on, in a package that appeals to everyone from kids to adults!

Nicktoons Nitro Racing is the first racing game of its kind, and puts players in control of Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner, Avatar Aang, Invader Zim, Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom (plus a secret un-lockable character) as you race on (7) tracks inspired by hit Nicktoons TV shows, with Power-Ups and High Speed Zipper Action included! And Nicktoons Nitro guarantees a very fun gaming experience : Players of all ages can sit down at the game and have a fun, competitive time together from the first game played! Powered by a high speed computer and graphics package, Nicktoons Nitro features seven full-length tracks and 7 selectable characters, including a climactic race against the evil Nitro, to make this the perfect game for all drivers, from kids to adults alike!

Nicktoons Nitro Racing comes standard with a 27" VGA Hi-Res Monitor, High Profile Marquee, Powerful Sound System + Highly Adjustable Seat Pedestal. Nicktoons Nitro games can be linked together for up to 6 driver positions, for even more fun and earnings potential. Every day, the Nickelodeon Network of cable channels captures new viewers watching these cartoons 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! For this reason alone, Nicktoons Nitro will enjoy game earnings and experience longevity far beyond the typical sit-down, arcade driver !
Power Requirements 120 Volts
Monitor Now With 27" LCD Flat Monitor !
Players 1-2 Player Kids Racing Video Arcade Game
Nicktoons Nitro Video Arcade Racing Game Dimensions :
Height: 77", Width: 34 ", Depth: 63 ", Weight: 590 Lbs
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in