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Dead Heat -

Newest technology Challenging, Head-to-Head Racing Game. Comes with (4) Painstakingly Detailed Real Cities to race through: New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London, plus (8) Customizable Real-Life Race Cars to drive in: Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper GTS, Ford GT, Ford Mustang, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 370X, Nissan Skyline GT-R and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, with all cars powered with a NOS (Nitrous Oxide) boosting system !

Dead Heat NOS Street Racing Video Game Features :

  • Novice or Advanced, every race will be fun and challenging, and will always be a "dead heat" ending !
  • New Integrated Camera takes a picture of the players and uses that photo to identify your car and other players you are racing against in real-time during the race! Never wonder who you are competing against!
  • Patented software technology analyzes the players driving style and remembers it for future "ghost" races!
  • The Player PIN Entry system encourages repeat play and location loyalty by offering both performance and cosmetic enhancements tp players for the next race !
New "social networking" feature : When players race the same people again, the Dead Heat software will recognize these people as your friends through the PIN system. This social networking tree expands as you acquire more“friends” to race with as well as your friends acquiring more “friends.!

First time drivers are encouraged to save their PIN because they are rewarded with a total of 3 bottles of NOS from the initial 1 bottle for their next race.
Power Requirements 120 Volts | Optional 220 Volts
Monitor XX LCD HD Widescreen Monitor
Players 1 Player Video Arcade Racing Game
Dead Heat NOS Street Racing Video Game Dimensions :
Height: 106", Width: 39", Depth: 64", Weight: Call
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in