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The iBoxer is a coin-operated boxing amusement machine with an iPhone-style design intended for use in modern discos and pubs. It has a little punching bag where you can vent all your beer-induced anger. The machine looks like a really large iPhone with a bitten logo, obviously based on Apple’s design. This awesome looking and very eye catching machine generated tremendous media buzz, sparking interest to play anywhere it is located with its newest technological innovations !

The Kriss-Sport iBoxer is fully weatherproof and is equipped with high-quality stereo MP3 sound-system, wide demo program (music plus illuminations), a energy efficient state-of-the-art High Resolution OLED Monitor Back Light, along with long lasting LED Lighting which makes for low-power consumption (only 35W)..

iBoxer Coin Operated Boxing Machine Features :

  • OLED and LED Lighting for Low Voltage Consumption.
  • High Powered Sound Amplifier + MP3 Stereo Music.
  • (4) Speaker System (Volume, Low, High Controls).
  • Custom Voice Announcements Can Be Created.
  • Voice Announcements Heard In Stand-By Mode .
  • Wide Machine Attraction Program (Music + Illumination).
  • Individual Displays Of Points, High Score and Credits.
  • Records Can Be Auto Reset | Change Difficulty Levels.
  • Electronic / Mechanical Money Meters | USB Connection .

Power Requirements Standard 110 or 220 Volts
Players 1 Player Coin Operated Boxing Machine
iBoxer White Coin Operated Boxing Machine Dimensions :
Height: 87", Width: 30.5", Depth: 48", Weight: 300 Lbs


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