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 Boxer Mask
Boxer Mask -

The Boxer Mask Boxing Machine is a Brand New Redemption Boxer Machine that awards players with a gift of funny sexy strings in capsules when certain results are reached.

Extra free gifts encourage players to play more, so the Boxer generates more income. It's a new design, made with an amazing Venetian mask motive. The multicolored cabinet and many LED lights draw attention and persuade players to try this game. This model is perfect for entertainment centers, fairs, amusement parks & festivals.

The machine has an interesting futuristic aero-DYNAMIC shape. Kalkomat engineers have followed new trends to make a boxer with a pleasingly streamlined cabinet and a new construction. Beautiful design and an even safer construction makes the Boxer Dynamic a very unique machine on the market today, and comes with with all-modern electronics that are built to last, and produces both fun and amazing profits in a wide variety of locations from bars to pubs and many other public areas. The design of this machine is flashy, compact and durable. Scores are displayed on a very large LED Display Panel, and is available in various languages, with many different voice messages and song / music soundtracks included.

Many Language Options are available, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German & Russian. Optional "Wheel Of Boxing" Game available + Receipt Printer for awarding prizes for the highest score, etc.


Power Requirements 110 Volts (Optional 220V)
Players 1 Player Boxing Arcade Game
Boxer Dynamic Boxing Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 85", Width: 28", Depth: 51", Weight: 278 Lbs
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