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Go Go Grand Prix -

Real Slot Car Racing Video Arcade Game

With Go Go Grand Prix, children are absolutely dazzled, while adults feel nostalgic memories of their childhood days, and spectators will all gather around to watch and cheer as they compete against one another in this simple but challenging 1 - 4 player slot car racing game, which features a Large LCD Hi-Def Video Display above the track, with digital cameras that captures and display the faces of all current players, along with the current race progress + leaderboards for all to admire !

Just like consumer slot car racing, but with specially designed commercial quality 1:32 scale slot cars that zoom around and engineered for maximum durability to withstand G-force turn pressures - The cars are highly detailed from the vehicle's perfect weight distribution, right down to the precision alloy racing chassis and the rubber compound in the tires to ensure a very fun, fast dynamic race experience. And unlike traditional slot cars, the cars never come off the tracks, making this cool slot racer completely attendant-free !

The Go Go Grand Prix's car controllers have just one trigger to control the throttle, meaning even first-time players from kids to adults can grasp the game concept instantly and enjoy a stress-free & action-packed race !

The amount of pressure applied to the trigger in the car controller determines the speed of the slot car, and a integrated 'G-Force' vibration motor is embedded into all controllers and activates as a warning when players go around corners too fast - If players approaches a turn too quickly, the car will slide out slightly and brake while giving the hand controller a vibrating buzz - This alerts players that their speed should be decreased when approaching this turn the next time around, making the game extremely simple but challenging to play - Its all about keeping your wits and regulating your throttle.

Testing of GGGP has garnered very healthy cashbox returns, and player analysis shows a high frequency of repeat players, and over 20% of play comes from 4-player groups & 50% of play from 3 or more players, an incredible figure - And with gametimes averaging under 2 min, the earning potential for GGGP is mighty !

Go Go Grand Prix (GGGP) is available in four different configurations and can be operated as amusement only, free-play, customizable tournament mode, midway-style redemption mode and regular ticket redemption mode. Comes with built-in coin mechanisms, and is both DBA, Card Swipe Reader and Ticket Dispenser ready !
Power Requirements 120 Volts
Monitor 42" LCD HD Widescreen Monitor
Players 1 - 4 Player Slot Car Arcade Racing Game
Go Go Grand Prix Slot Car Racing Track Dimensions:
Height: 86", Width: 104", Depth: 77", Weight: 1610 Lbs
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in