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Galac Tix -

GalacTix is a exciting new six-sided, six player quick coin redemption game from Chicago Gaming. What makes GalacTix such a special game is that it has the element of a quick coin action game with a unique blend of video gameplay in a very attractive and space efficient package!

The GalacTix game cabinet resembles a space rocket and has six player stations. Players peer into the windows of the rocket ship to catch a glimpse of the galaxy below on individual video monitors. At the center of the "Galaxy" show below is an alien mother ship holding a jackpot of tickets that is guarded by a relentless fleet of very fierce guardian space ships. The object of the GalacTix is for the players to drop a coin, which will launch a missile toward the mother ship and send the missile past the guardian space ships scoring a direct hit in the opening of the mother ship and being awarded the jackpot total.

The coin action is quick and the game action is furious as players play against each other or as a team and drop coin after coin through the six coin mechanisms. Imagine that, six times the earning potential in one cabinet ! With a smaller footprint and more than half the cost of most 6 station pushers, GalacTix is an "Out of This World" Deal !
Power Requirements 120 Volts
Monitor 47" LCD Touchscreen Widescreen
Players 1 - 6 Player Ticket Video Redemption Game
GalacTix Ticket Redemption Video Game Dimensions :
Height: 103", Width: 56" Depth: 50", Weight: 645 Lbs
To Order Call: (M) +91 96468 40948 or email us at info@playcity.in