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XD Theater -

8 to 24 Seat / 6D Motion Theatre Attraction Ride.

A "Money Printing" Attraction ! Turn any location into a real time motion theater with Trio Tech’s XD THEATER, a 3D to 6D motion simulator thrill ride that transcends time, space and imagination ! XD Theater's motion platforms are so adaptable that you can add them to any location. There is no need for major construction ! This system is as easy as installing traditional seating arrangements. With XD's very convenient 2 seat motion platforms, you can even take the Motion Theater with you out on the road if you like ! Unbeatable Acceleration - You would think that with a motion system that simple riders would have a lower level of ride experience - Not at all! And what is more, riders experience up to 2G’s of acceleration, a big difference from the 1G ride standard !
Convenient Installation - Our motion theater platforms are so adaptable that you can install them in any location. There is no need for any major construction. The XD Theater seats are as easy to install as traditional theater Seats. Our motion platforms are self-contained making them convenient enough to take on the road or fill an existing room. Unparalleled Acceleration - The XD Theater Seats boats up to 2 G’s of acceleration and up to 400 movements per second thanks to our industry leading patented technology. This is a huge step up from the limited 1G standard that most motion platforms currently offer. And Trio Tech’s "MWM Seat Advantage" brings a wide range of simulations from subtle sensations to intense vibrations that will make any rider shake with fun !

Wide Range of Application - XD Theater brings an major advantage to any other motion platform. The XD can also turn any existing movie in to a thrilling experience. And, since not every movie is a wild ride, XD offers a virtual theater that puts more action than just jolts and tilts.

Customized Theater Layouts - The XD Theatre can be customized to a floor plan that will suit your needs according to your space allocation. Layouts can be sized from 8 Seats (18'x18') to 24 Seats (29'x49') or even larger sizes upon request!

12 Different Film Attraction Titles Available - Choose from: Aqua Ride, Arctic Run, Cosmic Race, Jett and Jin, Ocean Jungle, Haunted Mine, Cosmic Coaster & Journey Thru The Center Of The Earth & More Coming !

XD Motion Theater is available in configurations from 8 seats all the way up to 24 seats or higher, and Price Includes Shipping.
Monitor Large Projection Theater Screen
Riders 8 to 24+ Rider Motion Theatre Attraction Ride
XD Motion Theatre Video Motion Simulator Experience
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