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 Super Shuffle Shuffleboard &      Bowling
Super Shuffle Shuffleboard & Bowling

The latest shuffleboard innovation from the game pros at Arachnid Darts comes with the brand new Super Shuffle (a revised version of Knock Off Shuffleboard) Now you can get the excitement of REAL shuffleboard action, along with the new virtual bowling alley software, without spending thousands of dollars and space for a 22' table, or time spent waxing tables!

Now Comes with 7 Games ! Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader Of The Puck, First To 21, Crazy Shuffle, and two new games, Classic Bowling and Split Secord Bowling !

Super Shuffle features league play, tournament play and casual play. The cabinet is part shuffleboard, part video game. To play you launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated shuffleboard-style play field toward the back of the cabinet. A sensor tracks its speed and trajectory, then projects that via a virtual puck onto the flat screen monitor. Super Shuffle comes with 7 different games including Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader of The Puck, First to 21, Crazy Shuffle, and the new bowling games, Classic Bowling and Split Second Bowling.

Computer. Tournament play features 4 to 8 players. Single or double elimination matches can be played in single or "2 out of 3" modes. "Luck of the Draw" placement is also available. League play is available with Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling and Split Second Bowling. "LeagueLeader" software is available for league play which features paperless leagues, league standings and even league schedules!

Super Shuffle Shuffleboard / Bowling Features:
  • Handles From 1 to 4 Players and Teams / League Play
  • Now With 7 Games, Including (2) Bowling Alley Games
  • Handles From 1 to 4 Players and Teams / League Play
  • Built-In Paperless Leagues, LeagueLeader Ready
  • Player Rating System Built In +  Tournament Chart
  • Automated Scoring, No Miss-Scores or Cheating
  • Large, Bright LCD Widescreen Color Monitor
  • Also Includes (2) Player Drink / Cup Holders !
  • No Waxing or Conditioning Lanes - Ever !
  • Only 5 1/2′ Long, Can Fit Anywhere !
  • No Climatic Adjusting Needed
  • Just a Puck - No Trackballs For Lower Maintenance !
  • Rugged Commercial Cabinet & Wireless / Web Ready
Monitor 28" LCD Widescreen Color Monitor
Players 1 to 4 Player Shuffleboard Arcade Game
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