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 Face Place Double Take Photo      Booth
Face Place Double Take Photo Booth -

Color + B & W Photobooth w/ Bench Seating.

The awesome new Face Place "Double Take" Photobooth from Apple Industries is actually two photo booths in one !

The Double Take is contained in a large steel cabinet which contains a sit-down photo booth with a curtain to shield customers, along with an external camera taking photos that display on its giant flat screen external monitor.

Either way customers use it, operators earn more revenue while satisfying more people's interests. Get outside group photos with the external camera, inside booth photos with one or a few people. After photos are taken, the Double Take photo booth presents several options for additional prints. Get more photo strips, 4" by 6" photographs, add a variety of borders, put your face in different scenes, apply filters onto portraits, and create a custom post card. As an operator, this means the potential to earn more money with every vend. For customers, this means unique post cards and images however they want them to keep and share.

You can also add custom promotions and advertisements like corporate logos, product ads, messages and more ! Brand all photos with your ad or logo, promote a upcoming special event, welcome a group and more - Simply upload your logo, background or message directly into the booth, or the factory can optionally preinstall your message(s).

Face Place Double Take Photo Booth Features :
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Power Requirements 110 Volts | Optional 220 V
Monitor XX" LCD Flat Panel Color Monitor
Face Place Double Take Photo Booth Machine Dimensions :
Height: XX", Width: XX", Length: XX", Weight: XX Lbs
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