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Black Diamond Pool Table

Great American is known for building the most rugged commercial grade billiard tables that are hard to beat - or beat up ! All GA pool tables are entirely MADE IN THE USA to give years of uninterrupted service !

And all Black Diamond Pool Tables are crafted with the finest imported one piece slate! Features solid cabinet grade 3/4" Plywood construction on both sides and bottom. Unitized composite trouble free and fast ball return assembly Dome shakeproof washers on rails, corners and slate. Hinged locking hatch under table for leg storage and cleanout. Superior-Grade Poplar Wood  top frame and rails for best billiard play action !

Dual steel center slate supports provide reliable flat level playing surface. Premium Lexan ball viewer with retaining screws reduces chance of breakage. Rails and slate are covered with a 21 oz. unbacked cloth which promotes faster play. Double rollers on ball release provide smoother action, less wear and less down time.

Black Diamond Coin and DBA Pool Table Options :
Black Diamond DBA + Coin Pool Table Dimensions :
Model   Length   Width    Height  Slate       Weight
600BD     77" 45 "    32"     3/4"      620 Lbs
650BD      85"    49"      32"    3/4"       650 Lbs
700BD      93"       53"  32"    13/16" 710 Lbs
800BD     101.5"   57.5"      32"    15/16"   820 Lbs
900BD     114"      64"      32"       1"        1100 Lbs
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